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Jobs and the Economy

Cresent Hardy believes that it will take the job creators--Nevada’s small businesses--to truly get our economy moving again. Government can help this process—and needs to—by reducing the barriers to job creation.
-high taxes or fees do not create jobs
-cumbersome regulations, permits, licenses and bureaucracies do not create jobs
-politicians forcing anti-competitive policies onto businesses or projects does not create jobs

We need to keep bureaucracy and costs to a minimum to help start Nevada’s business engine.

Cresent will push for strong economic incentives to attract new companies to Nevada. He would rather have 80% of the tax revenue that comes with a new company instead of having 0% because New Mexico or California more aggressively went after a company.


Cresent Hardy believes we need to direct more money to where it matters...the classroom. Large blocks of education dollars should not be going to administration, bureaucrats, consultants or other items that do not directly impact our children’s education.

Good teachers need to be rewarded, encouraged and allowed to do what they do best—teach our children.

Parents, principals and educators should be making decisions regarding the education of our children, not bureaucrats 30 miles away...or worse 400 miles away in Carson City...or worse yet 3,000 miles away in Washington DC. We need to keep our education system local.

We need to promote and encourage charter schools and independent educational opportunities.


Cresent will fight for affordable, accessible healthcare. He will oppose efforts to socialize our medical system and will propose legislation for Nevada to immediately join in the lawsuits to stop ObamaCare from being pushed onto Nevadans.

Studies have stated that $600 million in new taxes are coming to Nevada to pay for the state cost of ObamaCare unless we fight it. In our economy today an additional $600 million for government run medicine is not the prescription we can afford.

Cresent Hardy believes doctors and patients need to be making the healthcare decisions, not bureaucrats from the government or from the insurance company.

He will fight to end frivolous lawsuits and wasteful testing that comes from defensive medicine by supporting the voter-approved cap on malpractice lawsuits.


Transportation and Infrastructure
Nevada’s economy is slowing, but it is an excellent time for our communities and state to catch-up, plan and prepare for the future. We need to shelve projects that are no longer feasible or cost effective but we must continue on with longterm projects that take years or decades of planning and development. Cresent Hardy’s work with Bruce Woodbury on infrastructure projects showed him what prudent, thoughtful planning can do for a community. We must continue that leadership so when our economy rebounds we are prepared and have the infrastructure in place to keep our communities functioning and prosperous.


Personal Liberties and Government’s Role
Cresent Hardy is a firm believer in personal responsibility and opportunity.

He believes that the government that governs closest to the people is best.

He is a firm supporter of the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution that gives power to the states.

Nevada families must be free to live as their Creator and the Founders of this nation intended--free to make their own decisions.

We have a moral obligation to help those who need assistance, to provide a hand up to those who need it and to have compassion on those who are suffering. Government has a role in helping provide essential services to those who are unable to care for their own needs such as the elderly, the infirm or disabled. We as a society need to provide this assistance, but as much as possible it needs to be done by charities, private enterprise and faith based organizations.

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